Days Gone PC Ulasan: Those Freakers Are At It Again

Sony is slowly – perhaps too slowly – allowing some of its console exclusive titles to leak onto the PC gaming marketplace. It began with the surprise release of Horizon Zero Dawn last year, and now Days Gone will soon be available on Steam, Epic Games Store, and other komputerisasi storefronts. It’s a game that didn’t exactly take the world by storm upon its original release, so this is likely Sony’s attempt at making a bit more of a keuntungan off of Bend Sanggar’s bikers-vs-zombies extravaganza.

How does the world of Days Gone fare on its trip from the PS4 to PC? Surprisingly well, although your mileage may vary depending on how sick you are of overly long open-world games.

Days Gone takes place in post-apocalyptic Oregon where society has crumbled, zombies – or Freakers as they’re inexplicably called here – roam the lands, and humans take refuge in a variety of guarded camps. You play as Deacon St. John, a biker with a name so good that every single person can’t help but say it repeatedly. He works as a drifter, which is basically a mercenary slot deposit qris who rides a motorcycle and does odd jobs for each camp. Things are going as well as they could be until a gang of drug-addled cultists called The Rippers attack his best friend Boozer and burn his arm to a crisp. On top of that, he discovers military helicopters carrying soldiers and scientists from a government agency called NERO. One of the scientists happens to be the very man who took his missing wife Sarah to receive medical attention during the outbreak. Now, Deacon has to find a way to save Boozer’s life, find out what really happened to Sarah, all while battling bandits, Freakers, and his own emotional shortcomings.

The biggest issue with Days Gone’s plot is that there’s somehow too much and too little of it. The story takes a while to get rolling and there are quite a few missions that seemed like a waste of time. Some of them literally have you drive to a location to watch a cut scene where nothing happens and that’s it. As a result, this game feels bloated. Even if you stuck to doing nothing but the important story campaign missions, you could still clock in with a playtime of around 40 hours. The campaign could have cut down significantly as it really starts to drag.

It doesn’t help that the narrative touches on a lot of cliches and tropes you’d find in other zombie apocalypse media like The Last of Us or The Walking Dead, so it’s not like it’s a story that needed to be this long. It actually reminded me a lot of The Walking Dead Layar show, which has also had a TV with stretching its narrative way too thin.

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